Isocyanide Synthase (ICS)
Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGC)
in the Fungal Kingdom

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Important caveats and tips for using this data


Downloading the ICS BGC predictions

To download individual BGCs or BGCs within specific GCF(s) or species, simply navigate to the corresponding page(s) within the Species/Accession and GCF search tabs.

If trying to download all of the predictions, you can either:

1) Click here (100 MB in total size):
2) Navigate to the GitHub relase mannually. Go to Releases --> All ICS BGC Predictions --> AllPredictions.tar.gz:

Want to use this fungal species tree in your study?

The fungal species tree generated in this publication (displayed on homepage) contains information on over 1329 fungal species. For its creation, a set of 287 gene trees, each containing single copy orthologs that were shared across all species, was utilized (refer to the publication for additional information). Although it is not advisable to utilize it for precise species-level resolution, it is proficient in displaying patterns and distributions for genera or higher taxonomic groups. The following are download links for the tree, in addition to helpful tables that can be used with programs like ggtree to easily overlay metadata information.

1) Download species tree

2) Download taxonomy overlay table

3) Download the tree IDs: If you intend to plot distributions of a specific trait of interest using your own dataset, you may include it in this table.

4) Download NCBI Accession <--> species mapping file: This table can aid you in converting NCBI accessions into species names, which is needed for matching data to the tree tip IDs.

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Nickles G.R., Oestereicher B., Keller N.P., Drott M.T. 2023. Mining for a New Class of Fungal Natural Products:
The Evolution, Diversity, and Distribution of Isocyanide Synthase Biosynthetic Gene Clusters. Unpublished.